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cocomelon cake

How to Make Cocomelon Birthday Cake Tutorial - Making My First Baby Birthday Cake

cocomelon cake

A popular Kids TV show, called "Cocoman", features a girl called Coco who loves cake. She is always seen with her friends climbing on the counter top of the cake while it is being baked. The cake that she is always trying to get a perfect clean look on. One look at the cake makes you think that the girl might climb the whole thing! Well, that girl is not alone, in fact, every guest that comes to visit will try, and climb the cake but they don't get as high as the cake lady.


For this reason, I decided to make my own cocomelon cake topper. This way, she could have a very special cake that she can be proud of. Cocomelon is one of the rare fruits that are only found in the Philippines. So, using this fruit theme, I thought it would be a very fitting use for my birthday cake.


There are a lot of free printable cocomelon cupcakes toppers out there that you can use as your cake topper. I chose to use a green and pink gum paste design. I printed the design out on my computer and cut it out with my colored marker. Then I gathered all my friends in the house and gave them each a piece of the cake. They were surprised when I told them that I made it! Everyone was so happy.


With this design, my friend and I thought it would be a fun idea to make a gift basket out of it. We put the gum paste design in a pretty clear basket which we made by purchasing a small clear freezer bag. We wrapped it with a pretty ribbon and attached some pretty balloons to make it more festive. With this look, I think it would make a great addition to our event planning personal celebration of a second birthday.


My friends and I went to a local florist and purchased many different types of gum paste flowers. The kids loved them. After we finished up making the baskets we gave each of us one. One of my friends decided to give her boyfriend a birthday basket full of the gum paste flowers and he absolutely loved it. After all, why should he be denied his favorite type of dessert?


A few days later we were at the local art store looking for a craft person to make a personalized cocomelon birthday cake for our friend. She was adamant that she wanted a big, colorful one. I know my friend adores cakes, but she wasn't going to buy a big, complicated one like we had chosen. I knew I could do something with some plain chocolate chips. I am a total chocolate expert, so this was a great chance to try out my latest craft project.


The results were fantastic! Her husband absolutely loved them. Of course, I did need to learn how to make cocomelon cake oldie, but my friend had given me a very easy to follow recipe. All it took was a few bowls and a bit of mixing, but once I got the process under my belt, I knew I had a winner. I was actually a little jealous when my friend and her husband announced they were going to have their own baby girl.


The end result was fantastic. I told my friend that I would be the one to make her daughter's birthday cake and she couldn't contain her delight when she saw the perfect recipe for her cake. Cocomelon 3d sculpted cocomelon cake (baby's name is Libby) with chocolate chips and little plastic flowers. Now I have to go and learn how to make cocomelon cookies (hers have brownies too) and make a grand total of ten different kinds of chocolate chip cookies. Thanks to my friend, my birthday cake will now be a real treat.