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Basketball Socks - By Sockstee - Read Now

What To Look For In The Best Basketball Socks

Overview of most popular basketball socks: Quality Provides durable, comfortable and tight fitting material. Prices vary from very cheap to $50. Discounted, usually in bulk. Typically, there are several things to consider when searching for the best basketball socks.


Cushioned Sports - Offers comfortable fit and stretchability. Perfect for aggressive players who prefer socks that can handle the strain of constant jumping and twisting on the fly. Available in two colors: black and white. Can be mixed and matched with other gear. Two types of manufacturers: Armour Men and Cushioned Sports.


Breathability Wears down quickly in hot summer weather, yet remains strong and resilient through sweat and repeated washings. Breathability and durability are important considerations when choosing basketball socks, yet many brands sacrifice one or the other for sheer price points. Search for brands that pay particular attention to breathability: Hanes and Airsteps for example, both feature fabrics that release moisture while providing exceptional grip. Cushioned Sports and Armour Men also have excellent breathability properties that help prevent blisters while allowing the foot to maintain optimal control. Look for breathability to be packaged into the same sock. basketball socks | shoes | socks | durability | cushioning around} Basketball socks are just as essential for indoor play as they are for outdoor play, as they help prevent dirt and debris from entering the shoes and causing discomfort and accidents. They also provide additional protection from cuts and scrapes, protecting the foot from break-ins as well as limiting the damage to the shoes caused by constant jumping and landing. The addition of special court designs, such as perforations and hook and loop closures, also provides enhanced comfort and enhanced durability. When choosing basketball socks, keep durability, breathability, and comfort in mind. These three features go hand-in-hand for the ultimate in comfort and long-lasting wear.