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Bee Socks - By Sockstee _ Read Now

How Do Bee Socks Work to Protect Your Skin?

Have you ever tried to remove bee stings from your skin using your fingers? This method is called "punching the bee," and can often cause an excruciating, painful bee sting. But now there is a far safer method, called "bee socks." These new, non-toxic socks created by a California based company are designed to help eliminate the stings from your own fingers as well, without harming or even staining the bee's abdomens or sting areas. The Bee socks are made of strong, comfortable material that wicks away the liquid that is gathered in a bee's body, while protecting the skin from any possible bee stings.


The way these bee socks work is very simple and straight forward. When they are first introduced to the wearer, they are wrapped around the user's fingers and then proceed to rub against the skin. This action causes the liquid in the bee's body to drip into the sock. Because of this constant dripping, the wearer feels little or no pain, since there is no venom or sting involved. While the wearer does get a little bit of wetness when removing the socks, it's nothing compared to what she would experience if she were stung by a real bee.


Imagine, with all of the pain we have dealt with over the years from bees, we could have had complete control over whether or not we got stung. With these special bee socks, we can finally feel secure that if we do happen to be stung by a bee, it will be by accident, and not by our own bee keeper. In addition to the convenience of these bee socks, another great benefit they offer us is the protection from bees' manmade toxins. Most bees don't fly around in large amounts anyway, so wearing a pair of gloves or a mask can limit exposure to these man made toxins. And, if you happen to be allergic to bee venom, you'll still be able to enjoy the benefits of these bee socks.