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Bridal Shower Gift Ideas

Gift Ideas That Are Perfect for a Bridal Shower

Bridal Shower is an occasion normally reserved for the bride's closest friends and family members. While the wedding gifts are fun and games, bridal shower gift ideas need to pack some extra punch. Give your best friend something more personal, while saving the bath salts and silverware to the couple's bridal registry. Socks for girls are the perfect gift for this type of party. Not only will they make the bride look very special in her wedding attire, but the bride's friends will be reminded of her over as they wear their matching socks. This is the ultimate in matching and coordinating.


There are endless types of bridal shower gift ideas that can be chosen to celebrate this special event. These gifts should be chosen with the personality of the bride in mind. They can range from elegant to fun, depending on the personality of the bride and the likes of her friends. For example, if the bride has a passion for sports, she can receive tickets to a ballgame or softball tournament. Many women have a hard time choosing just one sport to donate to their wedding gift registry.


For unusual and unique bridal shower gift ideas, consider exchanging unusual goodie bags. Among the most popular gifts, these are fun to make yourself. A lot of fun things can be made with an empty can or baby bottle. Most baby items, including pacifiers and bibs, can easily be made into cute loot bags. As an alternative to ordinary loot bags, one can use small clear cellophane bags, cut in festive shapes like hearts and stars. These bags are perfect for sharing picture frames, key chains, candles, chocolates, and other small yet interesting gifts.


Other unique bridal shower gift ideas include candles, soaps, small mirrors, compact picture frames, and the ever-popular personalized bridal shower favor. These personalized gifts allow the bride and her friends to create a special memory book that will be treasured by the couple for years to come. The very best part about registering these favors is that the guests can choose exactly what they want to give the couple and can add their own personal touches to the items that are registered. This makes this bridal shower gift ideas registry an ideal way to give a unique gift to a group of friends who are very important to the bride and groom.


For thoughtful bridal shower gift ideas, one might consider the thoughtful presents that are customized for the bride-to-be. In this case, the bridesmaids and groomsmen can be included in the process. For instance, the maid of honor may request personalized photograph frames or a set of engraved cuff links. Alternatively, the best man might choose to provide the bride with a personalized t-shirt or watch. The groom's best man can also offer the bride-to-be engraved shot glass, watch, or pen set.


Another idea is to give the bride something that is memorable rather than expensive. For example, she could receive a silk flower arrangement with her name printed on it. A nice engraved photograph can be placed inside, as well as the date of the ceremony along with a heart symbol. Alternatively, the groom can present his bride with a wedding date night lamp with the date of their marriage incorporated in crystal to shine upon her. This type of gift is appropriate for many years to come as it is a keepsake that the happy couple can cherish and recall on their wedding anniversary.


If the bride wishes to keep the wedding and bridal shower experience in a modern context, a good idea is to give her a gift that is practical but not too extravagant. Many brides these days opt for something that has a dual purpose - such as a photo frame or kitchen tea set. These items are very popular, especially at home or small gatherings where one can't have both a glass of wine and a bunch of tea leaves at the same time. Such sets are available in a number of different materials and designs so that the bride can choose a great piece that she will enjoy on her big day.


Many brides these days also opt for gifts that can be used later on, whether at a bridal shower or some other party. A great idea is to give the happy couple a gift that can be used as a keepsake and reminder of their happiness together. These types of gifts can be found in several different locations, including traditional stores and over the internet. They are typically made from a combination of paper and recycled materials such as leather or plastic, making them environmentally friendly.