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Calf Socks

A Short Guide on Calf Socks and Low Top Shoes

An over-the-calf-high sock is a very fashionable sock extending up to the calf. Also called knee-high socks, they usually rest between the knee and the ankle. Knee-high socks provide great versatility in terms of style and practicality. They are great for wearing with jeans, leggings, shorts, and skirts. This article is talking about how to buy the right pair of calf socks.


As you probably know, not everyone can wear socks that reach down to their ankles. Especially women with long legs will find this limiting. So, to accommodate this group, manufacturers have produced some of the most beautiful and stylish lengths of socks ever to be sold in the market.


Most designers of calf socks understand that people who are self-conscious about their height will appreciate this type of item. It's perfectly acceptable for tall people to wear this style of dress socks. You will find them perfectly matching short skirts, knee boots, and capris. If you want to wear them with pants, leggings, or shorts, make sure you choose those with a little bit of length so that your legs won't look shorter when you are wearing them. This is a definite must-have in every woman's closet. You may also wear them with a short jacket on a warm day and you'll definitely look better.


Socks having this cut are in many styles and patterns. The most common ones include the classic nappy rash calf knee-high socks. There are still more coming out each season. There are so many new patterns and colors that you can choose from. Socks having a pattern like this one have been popular for many years. They are extremely comfortable and they make a perfect gift for anyone.


Another very stylish pair of socks having this cut is the nappy rash boots with extra padding. The cushioning provides extra support not only for your feet but also for your legs and thighs. These are excellent for summer when your legs have to deal with all the heat. Besides, they have a stylish and functional design which makes them suitable for work as well as for casual wear.


There are also athletic socks that are made with extra padding but with this cut. They have a unique way of working to keep your feet dry. These are ideal for sportsmen who need that extra cushioning effect and extra support especially during long hours of activity on the field. In fact, these are designed to give the athlete that extra support needed by them.


And speaking of comfort, there are thigh-high lengths that can really work wonders for your legs. If you are looking for the ultimate comfort in socks, then these will be perfect for you. With so many varieties to choose from, you are sure to find the style which will make your legs look silky soft. Of course, these do not come cheap so be sure to choose one that suits your budget. However, once you have tried them on, you will surely know which one is the best for you.


Apart from all the styles and designs, you may also want to try out low-top shoes. For ladies, these are often worn with crew socks to create a three-legged look. This is one of the most popular looks these days and you may also want to wear low-top shoes with those crew socks for an added punch of style. So, if you are thinking about buying these items in bulk, then you should buy in bulk so that you get more discounts.