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Couch to Half Marathon

Couch to Half Marathon Training Plan

If you're preparing for a Couch to Half Marathon event, you've probably been told to get some training in before you do this type of race. What's that supposed to accomplish? Nothing, other than to remind you that this isn't the dumbest thing you'll ever do. That's a good thing. Here's what I'm talking about.


A half marathon is usually thirteen.1 miles, or twenty-eight miles. Since it doesn't sound quite as intimidating, I suggest that you stick with thirteen miles just because it does not sound as intimidating as going to the gym and lifting weights. And, in fact, none of that needs to be intimidating at all. It's still running, though.


You may have heard that you need some sort of running gear before you run a half-marathon or a Couch to Half Marathon, but you probably didn't realize that running socks are an important part of your kit. These socks are made with extra material in them so that they provide more padding between your feet and the ground, which helps you run faster. This running gear will also improve your performance by providing additional friction so that your running shoes have a better grip on the ground. Some people say that cotton socks are fine, but I prefer running socks, because they are made with materials that give more support and absorb impact better than cotton.


When it comes to nutrition before and after you run a couch to the half marathon, I have a simple solution to that particular question. I tell people to eat carbs before and after their runs. Why? Because carbs give you the energy you need to help you go through your whole half-marathon experience without feeling tired or hungry.


If you choose not to add carbs to your diet, then you'll need to consume other carbs. If you don't, you'll find yourself getting less out of each individual run. So, eating enough carbs will be absolutely critical if you want to go through your entire Couch to Half Marathon experience with flying colors. Your running shoes and socks can't to do it for you.


The reason why carbs are so important before and after a Couch to Half Marathon is because it takes your body a while to adjust to a reduced calorie intake. A reduction in calorie intake equates to less fat, right? So, what your body does is start burning fat instead of muscle for fuel, which results in less fat burning and increased fat burning. Your goal, therefore, should be to create a sweat before your race starts, then maintain your sweat until it ends. Once you complete the half-marathon, you'll have completed a great cardio workout that preparing your body for the race. In addition, your nutrition plan should have maintained your muscle endurance, thus reducing your chances of getting an early collapse.


Now, let's say that you chose to do the Couch to the Half Marathon on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday, instead of Sunday. This would mean that your training time is stretched out, giving you more time for your workouts, and less on your Sundays. You could take this approach during any time of the week, not just Sunday. What I recommend is that you run five to six miles on your Wednesdays, run two to three miles on Mondays, and two to three miles on Tuesdays.


So, on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday you could start doing your Couch to Half Marathon on Monday evening, run five to six miles on Wednesday, and two to three miles on Thursday. For your Race Weekend, you'll want to do a couple of miles on Saturday, and another five to six miles on Sunday. So, if you run five to six miles on Monday, go another day without running, and another two to three miles on Wednesday, and another two to three miles on Sunday, you'll be done by the end of the week 12. For your Race Weekend, do the same thing but on Friday night, and finish the weekend off with a couple of miles on Saturday, and another three to four miles on Sunday, giving yourself an additional three days of workout in between.


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