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Crazy Socks

crazy socks day

Crazy Socks is a fashion blog written by Victoria Beckham which she has designed and worn with great success for the last few years. The question many people have is, "Why"? The answer is, without a doubt, No! This article will explain why crazy socks are an essential part of your wardrobe today, without them you would be hard pushed to find some clothes in your size in any store, let alone a trendy boutique. Crazy Socks as you will see them in so many different places today have come out of a very simple need to look hip and contemporary. It was not that the designs had gone stale or that the designs needed a revamp, they were just at a stage when a lot of women felt that they had reached a limit with regards to the way that they could wear socks.


When looking at crazy socks you will notice that each pair differs slightly in the way that they are designed. The first set of crazy socks which Beckham designed, taco socks, had open toes and came in either a black or white pair. This type of crazy socks was mainly seen on women who had just come off their swimwear and were feeling a little bit adventurous. Today, you can get a pair of these fantastic pairs of crazy socks and look exactly as you would have on that swimsuit many years ago, except you will also be able to wear them for much more casual occasions, such as a pair of jeans and a t shirt.


Another popular form of crazy socks is the crazy funny pair. These crazy socks were originally designed for the male population and were aimed at giving them a good laugh after a hard day at work. You now have a great pair of crazy socks to wear with a t shirt and jeans to make that afternoon tea party perfect. As well as these two styles, there are also a large number of women who have incorporated crazy socks into their own fashion, adding them to their existing wardrobe or designing new outfits from scratch to match these wonderful pieces. So if you are feeling a bit under the weather, why not try some crazy socks?


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