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What Are Diabetic Socks - By Sockstee - Read now

What Are Diabetic Socks?

What are diabetic socks? Socks designed to help diabetics prevent hypoglycemia and to keep feet feeling cool can help prevent blood-sugar levels from rising too high and cause discomfort. Many people with diabetes have higher risk of developing infections, circulation problems, neuropathy and diabetes, particularly in the feet, so socks that address issues like these or other risk factors is vital.


What are diabetic socks made of? Most socks are made of cotton, but there are specially designed socks for those with foot-related health concerns such as foot ulcers and diabetic neuropathy. The thick cushioning in diabetic socks helps keep the foot cool and the ulcers and blisters from spreading and causing pain. The thick padding also prevents the skin from cracking when the sock is first put on.


What are diabetic socks specifically made of? Most socks made for diabetics are made of a non-latex material such as nylon or cotton. They contain elastic in key areas such as around the toes to provide extra support when walking and increasing flexibility and/or shock absorption. Additional benefits of these socks include the fact that they prevent painful sores and blisters by positioning the toes and heels more toward the neutral position rather than into sharp, sensitive pressure points, such as the ball of the foot in regular socks.