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Funky Socks

How to Match a Pair of Funky Socks With the Outfit You Wear

When people talk about funky socks, they usually think of brightly colored pairs that scream loud fun and color. Socks that come in bright, vibrant colors are really quite unique as well. However, they can be paired up with different kinds of clothing for a wide variety of looks. You can choose from animal prints, floral prints, polka dots, and a number of others. Whatever type of funky socks you want to pair them up with, you need to consider the outfit that you're going to wear them with first before you go shopping for your socks.


Get the Right Material. The texture and material of your funky socks must complement with any part of your outfit that you're wearing or at the very least have similar overtones. This will really be helpful if you're going to a formal meeting or if you're wearing business suit. If you're wearing jeans, however, you can wear plain, solid colored socks. For a more casual look, you can pair them up with dress pants. Polka dots in particular look good with dress pants because the contrast between the light color of the polka dots and the dark, crisp look of dress pants gives it a nice contrast.


Wear Bright Shoe Boots. If you're going to a party, opt to pair up your funky socks with shoes that are brightly colored. Bright shoes are always in fashion, whether you're wearing jeans or formal pants. It's always best to try on brightly colored shoes to make sure that they go well with your current shoes.