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How to Knit Socks - By Sockstee - Read Now

How to Knit Socks - The Easy Way

If you are a beginner in learning how to knit socks there are several methods you can use. For example some people like to learn how to knit socks using a swatch book. This method allows you to visually see how the pattern looks which helps with color picking up. Other methods for learning how to knit socks include reading a book on knitting and learning from a professional.


The first step is learning how to knit socks: knowing how to count stitches, how to read a yarn description (or pattern), how to work from the center last stitches to the end of the next stitch, how to turn a work around and how to pick up extra yarn. With this useful how to knit socks article you will get a clear visual view of how a knit sock looks from all the different stitches and how to count stitches. Knowing these important terms will help you quickly through knitting socks or toe-down.


For newbies learning how to knit socks should start with a basic sock pattern, these patterns are often called toe socks or flat feet patterns. There are many great resources to help you find a great sock pattern and even how to create your own personal sock pattern. Once you have a good understanding of how to read a knitting pattern you can move on to more complicated projects such as how to make a crewel, a stock, a cable sweater or a bandana. These are much more complex projects and will require more practice and determination than a simple pair of socks.