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How to Make Socks - By Sockstee - Read Now

How to Make Socks Without the Sash

Learning how to make socks is not difficult if you practice and take action on what you have learned. If you have access to a sewing machine and some fabric, that's great! But for most people learning how to make socks can be intimidating unless you have some kind of instruction manual to guide you. But even then, there are still ways to learn how to make socks without a bunch of fuss.


One way is to get an extra pair of fabric scraps or other fabrics that you don't need. Wrap these around your finger and wrist and start creating a pattern. An easy pattern to follow would be a small circle that goes around your thumb and the tip of your index finger. You will need a pair of fabric scraper/scissors. Other small scissors may work in a pinch, however fabric scissors are usually the best choice because they have a little extra kick to them. You can also sew your socks as you normally would with a needle by hand, just be sure to use an adhesive foot patch that will hold the fabric to your leg.


After you have your pattern cut out and ready to start sewing it up, it is time to put your elastic band around the end of your sock. With the sewing machine set to big size, sew along the elastic band to the end of the sock, making sure that you sew in the same direction as the band, going up one side and down the other. Once your last stitch is done, your elastic band should be able to stretch comfortably over the end of your foot. Finally you will want to cut off a little extra so that you can secure your elastic band to the end of your foot.

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