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How to Wash Wool Socks - By Sockstee - Read Now

How to Wash Wool Socks

How to clean wool socks depends on the wool fiber. If you find out that your socks are soiled, you need to know how to clean wool socks. As with any fabric or material, it is best to take proper care of wool socks. While socks made of natural materials may look cleaner, they may not last as long as socks made from synthetic materials. In this case, learning how to clean wool socks will be most beneficial.


To start off, it is important to know that you should never put wool clothes into a dryer. Wool clothes need to be washed on a gentle cycle that will take them outside of their protective protection. The process of washing wool clothes will vary depending on the manufacturer but typically, the washing machine will agitate the sock for about ten minutes before putting it in the dryer. This is because wool clothes need to be dried on a low temperature. Once the sock has gone through this process, it can then go back to being washed on a high temperature.


After being washed on the low heat setting, you will then want to use a mild detergent to clean the garment. You can buy all purpose or baby shampoo at the store where you bought the wool garment. Do not use any soap on the item as soap will create a build up that is difficult to remove. Socks made of delicate clothes such as baby clothes should not be taken into a public swimming pool. It is best to use a mild detergent to properly wash socks that have been worn in the water.