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long sports socks - By Sockstee - Read Now

Athletes Love Them, Too!

Long sports socks are great for athletes who enjoy long distance running, basketball, tennis, track and field and other athletic activities. The most common type of athletic socks is the nylon blend, which is perfect for tracking and general training but not for rigorous workouts. Most long socks have cuffs at the end to help prevent the athletes from getting tangled up in the fabric as they run or jump. Some sports socks have elastic ends so the athletes can adjust the length to their own comfort.


Athletes can choose between lace-up and pullover athletic socks. The athletic lace-ups have small elastic bands that go around the wrist, the ankle and the upper leg; pullover is a pair of socks with a Velcro closure on both the ankle and the wrist. The long socks with the Velcro closure on the ankle and wrist are great for track and field, because they keep the foot warm in colder conditions and dry during hot days. They also make a great transition sock from being athletic to being fashionable.


Athletic socks also come in a variety of colors, styles and materials. Athletic socks are mostly made out of cotton and polyester mixes, but there are some made of cotton and nylon as well. Long sports socks are usually seamless and do not have cuffs, but they can have athletic socks with a cuffed waistband. For the ultimate in comfort as well as fashion, consider trying the new microfiber varieties that have tiny holes in them, they have elastic bands inside so your feet stay cool.