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Socks Size Conversion

Sock size to shoe size conversion

Socks Size Conversion

If you are shopping for children between the ages of 10 and 14, it is a good idea to skip the women's socks, which have a wider selection. Many middle-school boys don't have enough feet for men's socks, and women's styles are a good choice. If the big kids you're thinking of are big or have big feet for their age, leave them out. 

Many women with average-sized feet wear men's socks. If you are wearing shoes that are a size 10 or larger, consider men's socks as there is not much practical difference and you can choose more patterns and styles. However, if you are wearing shoes larger than size 10, it may be worth wearing a pair of men's socks. 

For example, if you are wearing a size 10 women's shoe, you can wear a size 8 to 8.5 men's shoe, which means that you cannot buy our selection of women's socks that match women's shoe sizes 5 to 10, but you can still wear socks in styles from our men's collection that match men's shoe sizes 8 to 13. Our socks selection also includes novelty socks in a wide range of sizes for boys, girls and non-binary pals. There are no major differences in design or cut between our men's and women's socks for men with larger feet. 


Sock Size

US Men's Shoe Size

Euro Shoe Size












Using the table above, you can determine the US shoe size for men and women, at which point you will be able to use the shoe size chart to get a pair that fits. If you have a tape measure, the idea of measuring your feet is strange but you can easily determine the size of your sock based on the size of your shoe. For example, if a ladies "shoe size 7 is 9 x 5 x 16 inches, it will easily fit into any sock. 

When you buy men, women or children socks, the basis for finding the right size is to measure your foot length. If you see a sock labeled sock size 9 or 11 or sock size 10 or 13, note that it refers in inches to your foot length, not your shoe size. We looked at sock size tables, sock size conversions, shoe sizes and created a handy sock size calculator. 

We want to give you a basic idea of how shoe sizes work so that when you read the size information on the product page you have a better idea of how they fit even if you are not used to using us for shoe sizes. There's also an informative article on Wikipedia about different shoe sizes - so if you join us after the jump, we'll break down the most commonly used shoe size system for you. If you are in the United States, measure your foot length in the next inch and then go the next inch to get your US sock size. 

Sock sizes in the USA are based on the length of the foot in inches, and a US shoe size is three times as long as the foot length in inches (22 for men, 21 for women). If you are looking for the same as your Australian shoe size conversion table, you can use the sock size chart, which is similar to the British shoe size formula. On average, Australian men's shoe sizes are half a size smaller than the same US size for men, and Australian women's shoes are half a size smaller than the same size as US women. 

Youth sock size conversion

Most socks are manufactured in small, medium and large foot sizes. The sizes for children's socks, extra wide socks and ankle-to-foot socks are followed by details for leg-length socks. The sock length is a reference for the shoe size and is a more accurate measure when you stand with a ruler and measure in centimetres the longest part of your foot. 

If you buy extra large men's socks, check the sizes on the product page to make sure the style fits. Sizes for socks by age Specify the age of the children from months to years up to 11 years. Toddler socks fit your children if their shoe size ranges from 4 to 7. 

The difficult decision to stop wearing these cute little sizes is a bit of a personal for us, but it's also a good decision because it means we can pick up more of the cool men's and women's socks that are so popular. Now that you know the age and the shoe size of the little one you are buying for, choose them and you will see our cute socks from various brands that fit perfectly to you. For each socks we try to convert sock sizes into shoe sizes based on several factors, including: material mix, content, needle count, sock shape, iron template, style, distance from heel healing, etc. 

Crew socks are the most common length for a pair of boots or shoes. Our knee-high socks are designed to fit all sizes. A ruler or tape measure can help you determine how far the sock reaches down your leg.

I tried to figure out the simple math behind the conversion, but for some reason the conversion to an Australian shoe size confused me. In the end, I looked at several different conversion tables for shoe size, many of which were off.