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Non Slip Socks

Different Types of Non Slip Socks

Patients who suffer from medical conditions which involve the feet or ankles should use non slip socks at all times to reduce the risk of accidents occurring while walking. This is particularly important for people who wear high heel shoes, pregnant women, or people who are overweight. In the past it was widely believed that non slip footwear was not designed for these kinds of conditions. However, recent research has shown that this is not true.


The main difference between non-slip socks and regular socks is the rubber tread pattern on the foot. Non slip socks are usually designed to be thicker and cushioned better than regular socks, and have a hard, solid tread pattern on the bottom of the foot. The rubber tread acts as a barrier to provide traction, helping to keep the patient's feet from slipping and falling onto the floor. They help prevent injury by providing improved grip, with less friction, on the floor.


The reason that regular socks are not ideal for medical conditions is because they do not provide any kind of traction or stability for the foot. With regular socks you have to rely on the fabric to provide support and traction. This is easily achieved, but it leaves the foot open to a variety of pressure and rubbing which can lead to problems. The non slip socks that have the rubber tread pattern on the bottom do not require any additional support, and as such do not have this problem. This means that the foot can feel free and comfortable throughout the night, and there is no chance of slipping or sliding.


There are a number of different reasons why patients suffering from medical conditions which involve slippery surfaces, may require specialised footwear. Many doctors recommend that patients with certain conditions (such as diabetes or arthritis) wear non slip footwear to bed. They are also highly recommended for people who will be bedridden or at a hospital where bed sores are a common problem. These shoes offer added comfort and improved grip, reducing the risk of accidents occurring in these situations. However, if you work in an environment where the chances of slipping are high, then you already know how important non slip socks really are.


In recent years there has been an increased demand for different styles of non skid socks. There are now a great number of online suppliers offering a huge choice of different style, colours and designs. This is great for busy office workers who want to wear comfortable and practical footwear, whilst still having the flexibility to move around when they want. They may not always be able to afford the more expensive brand names, but online shopping is usually cheaper than brick and mortar stores. Therefore, non skid socks may become a much more affordable luxury item for many workers.


For people who often find themselves on wet, slippery surfaces at work, the addition of socks which help keep feet warm can make a huge difference. Socks like these can be worn under other clothes to help keep the feet warm and dry, reducing the risk of blistering or getting blisters. This can also help to prevent serious foot injuries occurring during the day, as walking on wet surfaces can sometimes cause swollen feet and even toes.


Another type of sock which is highly versatile is spandex. These tend to be very light weight, but because they have no elasticated nature, they can easily mould themselves to the shape of the foot to help provide comfort and support. They can also be cut to fit any length or width, allowing the user to choose the size which best suits their individual foot. Spandex socks can be worn with most outfits, but are especially suited to wearing underneath business suits as they can help keep the feet comfortable and upright.


It may be necessary to purchase a pair of special non slip socks for certain professions or areas of the home. These may need extra care to maintain as certain surfaces may be slippery or more delicate than others. The type of surface you are working on will determine what kind of socks you need to buy and how often they should be washed. For example, some materials can quickly take on the appearance of mud or are very grippy, so it is important that socks made from synthetic materials are not stored in such conditions, otherwise they may need to be hand washed to remove any soap marks and to make them look new again.