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Poop Sock

Dont Let Your Children Use Their Own Poop Sock

A poop sock is an infamous sock that several Anons worldwide use. Said poop sock, is concealed in, and excreted from a secret place. Not to be mistaken with the traditional "Piss Drawer". These socks hold a special meaning for Anons; they are known as a "poop war." A poop sock is an interesting method of trolling Anons, and also an intriguing method of flirting. In fact, the anon that uses a poop sock may be said to have more power than most Anons put together, let alone their number.


The term "dirt sock" is what the name poop sock is derived from. It simply describes a sock filled with excrement or other matter that is used by some Anon for personal hygiene purposes. Usually, Anons will use their own special excrement or stinky things such as dead skin cells, smelly socks, and greasy food stuffs. They hide these in their socks and leave them in public places such as coffee shops, restaurants, or bars.


Anons that wear poop socks will draw attention to themselves in many ways. For instance, if they walk through some populated area and leave their stuff scattered on the floor, it will attract attention. This may cause someone to steal their stuff because they do not wish to clean up the evidence themselves. It is not uncommon for some Anons to keep their stash in their backpacks, purses, or any other type of storage container. Some Anons even keep their feces in their front yard. There have even been reports of people using their front yard as a bathroom!


It is possible that some Anons wear poop socks so they can "go public" without setting off any alarms. For example, if a couple walks into a restaurant and they each have their own stuff, then one could leave their stuff behind while they go and sit in the restroom. Since no one else is around, the restaurant would not find out that one was carrying around feces. If the couple were to use the restroom, then the manager or owner would come to know that one was responsible for the entire mess. This could result in them losing their job.


Parents who have kids of their own should be very careful when they use public restrooms. Children can easily put things in their poop sock and then leave them there. As you can see, there are many reasons why a parent should never allow their child to wear their poop sock when they go into a public place. This is also why you should never allow your child to leave their feces in a public place even if they are using a disposable diaper.


What if mom found her son's poop in her own poop sock? What could happen? She would most likely get angry and most likely call the boy's parents to find out what happened. This can result in them not wanting to have any contact with their son. They may not want to play with him anymore.


Another reason for you to not let your child use their poop sock is that it may encourage your child to keep his own poop clean. If he was left to pick his own poop up after school, then he would be more likely to do this. He may think that if he takes his own poop outside, then he does not need to worry about doing his business in a public area. Since his friends may be watching him, he will feel better about not doing it in front of them.


You can still give your child the choice. Ask him why he feels that it is OK to leave his excrement in his own excrement sock. If he replies that he just feels it is cleanliness then you may agree to let him continue. Do not punish him for it. It is not his fault that his mom is uncomfortable with it and may even be thinking about leaving him.