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Sleep Socks

How Each Brand Picks the Best Socks For Winter

Sleep socks are an innovative way to keep your feet completely comfortable and warm all night long. Vested sleep socks are great for anyone who is always on the road and cannot always rely on car seats or other heat sources to keep their feet toasty warm throughout the night. The socks themselves are made of several layers of material that are knitted into a sweater-like piece. They are typically worn just below the knee, but can also be worn across the top of the foot. Because there are just so many different choices out there, we tested the best brands to find out how they stack up against each other.


We took two pairs of sleep socks to the same store to try on different styles. While the sleep socks lined up perfectly with each other in terms of warmth and snugness, the materials they were constructed from varied greatly. Some felt very smooth to touch, while others had a stiff feel to them that caused the toes to clench when they hit the cold floor. A couple of models even felt stiff to the touch in contrast to the other two, which felt softer to the touch.


When it comes to judging the warmth and coziness of the sleep socks, there really wasn't much variation between the brands. Most performed well, except for the Sugarfree brand, which seemed to be a little too warm for our taste. Most of the brands offer colors from pink to blue to purple, and all of them have cute patterns in stock. Some companies like Sugarfree offer colors in black and white, which makes for some great winter wear. The best advice we can give you on this matter is that you should always look for bright colors that match the overall color of your car seat, unless the patterns are really going to stand out.