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Slipper Socks For Winter By Sockstee - Read Now

Slipper socks are a mixture of two of favorite things: socks and slippers! These extremely comfortable slippers are basically just a thick, bulky sock with a thin sole. They will keep your feet warm and snug in the winter, while protecting them from cold floors in the summer. They usually are made from knitted, double-knit wool.


In my opinion, the Sherpa lining is the best overall feature for any pair of slipper socks. The material it is constructed out of is breathable and soft, making it perfect for a day at the park or on an afternoon in the office. It will not feel like you have been subject to a freezing cold hunch while working on the car, or that you are working on the wood lathe at home. This breathable, soft material is incredibly breathable, so it won't feel as cold against your skin as some other materials. It also works extremely well with a sweater and jacket, which makes it perfect for any chilly winter nights!


I find that these slipper socks come in a variety of cute and fun designs, such as stars, butterflies, stripes, cute animals, and more. You can also get them in a plain color or have contrasting color patterns, such as polka dots, giraffes, flowers, and more. You can choose different styles of eyelets, as well, and some have rubber bottoms. Rubber bottoms will give your legs extra warmth, which is great when you are walking through the woods or around your neighborhood during the fall. No matter what style of slipper socks you're looking for, you're sure to find a pair that is both stylish and functional.