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socks advent calendar

Sock advent calendars are extremely popular gifts that can be purchased and exchanged between close friends, family members and loved ones. In fact, there are even encyclopedias that specialize in collecting sock-related articles. These beautiful, stylish and whimsical calendars offer a simple way to express your love of socks and your interests in fashion, sports, animals, nature and more. Available in a variety of themes, from animals to cars and planets, you will find that there is a calendar appropriate for any personality, age or interest.


There are even collections designed for die hard fans of The Office and Game of Thrones as well as lovers of cute animals. To celebrate the 15th anniversary of the Friends franchise, which started on television in the United States, an advent calendar was released featuring all of the show's main characters. The calendar features 12 socks representing each character, which are said to represent the personality trait of the character. Some of the characters featured include: Monica Belluci, Chandler, Phoebe raising a Grego puppy, Rachel Berry, Monica's mom, Simon the cat, Ross Pritchett, Mike (from the show ER) and Rachel (from Friends). Below, check out the top sock advent calendar for kids, men and ladies.


Whether it is a holiday or birthday sock advent calendar, you will find that there are plenty of styles, designs and colors that you will love. Whether your gift is a personalised one of kind gift or something that can be used as a gift around the house, you will find that these calendars are truly unique. And because they are so popular, whether as presents for birthdays or as part of a family holiday, you will find that the prices for these calendars online are incredibly low.