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Water Socks

Water Socks - What Are They?

Water socks, also known as aqua socks, are excellent means to maintain your bare feet perfectly comfortable while in and near the water. Here hand-picked selection of the finest water socks for each type of aquatic activity guaranteed to give you maximum comfort and safety. Your specially selected swim socks provide you optimum grip and protection for your wet feet and thus prevent possible injuries. Made using high quality materials these water socks are quite simply the most comfortable footwear available for the water sports.


Aquatic socks have become highly durable due to the various materials that are used to make them. The water socks usually consist of a rubber sole that is highly durable. This rubber sole is made up of a blend of ethylene-propylene-diene terpolymer. It has the property to resist high temperatures from water and thus is highly durable in nature.


Rubber soles usually come with two different designs that provide grip on wet surfaces and offer excellent traction on a dry surface as well. These two designs are called cross-linked and slip-linked. As the name suggests, the slip-linked design provides you with high traction in wet areas and therefore facilitates you to slip in water easily. On the other hand the cross-linked design keeps both the soles of the shoe on the same side of your foot providing the perfect grip on wet surfaces.


When choosing the right water socks, it is important to choose the type of material carefully so that you will be able to use it effectively. The materials that are used to manufacture the water socks should be of the highest quality in order to ensure optimum comfort and safety. Moreover, you should opt for water socks that are both dry quickly and water resistant. You should buy some of the latest brands in the market such as Etonic, Aqua-X, Aqua-Sock, Kinetico, etc. Water socks made up of synthetic material can also be worn if the natural ones are not suiting your requirements.


High-quality water socks have been tested many times over for their ability to absorb water and act as a barrier to absorb moisture. Therefore, you should opt for water socks that are free of any substances like nylon and rubber that can add to your problems such as skin irritation and rashes. The best water socks are also known to be more comfortable than normal ones and also help to improve the comfort level of your footwear. To find out which are the best water socks, you can check out online stores and forums that discuss about the best water socks.


Many people have raised questions about the ability of the water socks to protect the wearer from water-related activities. The water socks are available in varying colors such as gray, blue, green, brown, and red among others. These colored water socks provide protection against water splashing especially when hiking in a wet environment. However, some water socks are not water-resistant and can easily get torn apart by running in water. Therefore, make sure to choose a water-resistant water sock especially for hiking.


Another reason why many people are looking for water socks is the flexibility provided by the water socks. This is because they can provide flexibility to the wearer when it comes to walking on a sandy or rocky beach. Most sand beaches are soft, and therefore, when you walk on soft sand, your shoes can easily slip off. On the other hand, the Aqua-Sock provides an extra layer of support especially if you wear sandals during water-related activities.


If you are looking for swimming exercises and warm-up, water socks will prove to be very helpful. They can be used in various swimming drills such as freestyle, backstroke, and butterfly. You can also use them as warm up and cool down swimming activities. When you are using Aqua socks in warm water aerobics, you will feel comfortable because it has an increased capacity of absorbing body heat. The good thing about these socks is that they also have the ability to prevent swimmers from getting hurt by slipping or tripping in water. Therefore, Aquasocks are perfect for swimming, kayaking, diving, surfing, and other water-related activities.