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Why Do Dogs Like Socks - By Sockstee - Read Now

Why Do Dogs Like Socks?

One of the most fascinating questions I get asked by pet owners is why do dogs like socks? Many people do not realize that the answer lies in understanding what happens when your dog wants to be cozy. You will find that the reason why the dog likes the scent of his favorite sock is due to the fact that it mimics the warmth he feels when his paws are wrapped up in the blanket. This explains why he licks the bottom of the sock and even holds it close to his body.


Another reason why your dog will enjoy wearing his socks is because this serves to alleviate some of the behavioral problems your dog has gotten accustomed to. Just as with human beings, when a dog begins to feel bored there are certain things that he can do to alleviate that boredom. In order to teach your dog new behaviors you will have to be consistent in your punishments. If you give a bored dog the same thing that a bored human being would receive they will be left with no choice but to resort to bad behavior in an attempt to satisfy their bored needs.


A bored dog is one that tends toward separation anxiety and if given a comfort that is similar to that of his security blanket, it will alleviate much of the behavior issues he has developed over time. When your pup has access to the scent of his favorite sock he will not feel as anxious when he has to leave the house. He will instead be able to remain in the safety of his own personal scent sac.