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Can you Wear a Graphic Tee to Work?

How Can You Wear a Graphic Tee to Work?

Can you wear a graphic tee to work? This is a question many people ask who are not sure about the dress code or the rules of their place of work. Work places vary when it comes to their dress code and some places may actually ban t shirts with graphics on them, or even call it improper dress code. What if you work in an office where graphic t shirts are allowed? In this article I will try to explain what a graphic tee is and whether or not it is appropriate to wear one to your job.


What is a graphic tee? A graphic tee is a plain, white T-shirt with some type of logo or design on it. It has all kinds of different messages on it that can be both humorous and offensive. This type of shirt is appropriate for all kinds of jobs, not just construction workers or landscapers.


How can you wear a graphic tee to work? The first thing you need to do is to check the local laws of your place of employment. Some places have strict rules about what type of shirts you can wear. If you work in an office you would probably be surprised by the dress code. It's usually pretty open but make sure you find out before you buy a shirt.


If you work at a call center then the answer might be different. A lot of the time companies won't let anyone wear anything less than what is required by law. If you are working as a call center agent then you might have a little more leeway. You would want to be professional and wear clothes that reflect this. It would be a good idea to check the company dress code even after you have worked there; some employers will let you keep your shirt as long as you are on the clock.


If you work in a store then the answer would be different. Many stores have strict guidelines on what they will allow in their staff. They might even decide to ban t-shirts altogether. Of course that wouldn't make much sense because the t-shirt is something that the vast majority of people like to wear.


The next thing you would need to consider is what kind of shirt you want to wear. There are graphic tees made with all kinds of styles and shapes. You could go with a tee shirt that says sports, but you could also get one that says golf, soccer, or hockey. The choice is yours and you should make your choice accordingly.


Once you have chosen the shirt for your job, you will probably need to choose a color. Most jobs will not accept a shirt that doesn't have any sort of logo on it or a color that is drastically different from the other shirts worn by others in the office. If you are a serious graphic designer then you can easily work with these restrictions.


Finally, would you like to wear your shirt outside? If so then you will need to find a place that allows for this as well. The alternative is probably going to be frowned upon by most managers.


If you are not comfortable in the office wearing a t-shirt that reveals your upper body then you might want to wear a long-sleeved shirt instead. This way you would be more discreet and not draw undue attention to yourself. A long-sleeved shirt could even be business casual if you work in an office. Just keep in mind that you get what you pay for. If you are willing to pay for it you can certainly enjoy the comfort.


Do you want to be stylish while still being professional? If so then you may want to consider a graphic tee with some sort of logo. You can also find many graphics that say something like "trashcan" or "free-will trash". These types of t-shirts can be fun to wear even if they don't portray an appropriate message for work.


So how can you wear a graphic tee to work? It all really comes down to personal taste. What you think is cute or funny may not be appropriate for work. If you are unsure what type of shirt you would look good wearing try to go to the mall or local clothing store. They usually have a lot of different options for people of all ages.


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