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Is It Okay to Wear Oversized T-Shirts?

Is It Okay to Wear Oversized T-Shirts?

There is nothing more comfortable and trendy than oversized t-shirts, which makes it perfect for any fashion-conscious man or woman. Oversized t-shirts are just big enough to flaunt one's style without looking too puffy or baggy. While you do need to know your measurements in order to get a decent fitting, there are also other factors to consider when deciding to wear oversized t-shirts. Read on to find out what they are.


It's okay to wear oversized t-shirts, but you do need to know your size first. Remember that t-shirts shrink when you wash them, so the first time you try on an oversized t-shirt it may be tight. Also remember that t-shirts tend to shrink as you age, so those with prominent neck area are going to be smaller than those with less prominent neck areas. You should also consider how the shirt will fit if you need to re-size after it was designed to be larger than the first time. Oversized t-shirts are big enough for a person of average size but not big enough for someone taller or wider than average.


It's okay to wear oversized t-shirts for casual occasions like college dorms, lunchrooms, and even sleepovers, provided you're not wearing something too loud or gaudy. If you're planning to wear your oversized t-shirts to sleepover gatherings, go ahead and try on a few shirts to make sure they don't cause a disturbance. Oversized t-shirts can look great with baggy sweat pants, but they look terrible combined with slacks and a shirt with a plain tie. Also, if you plan to pack a picnic or some other event, you'll want to go with shirts that are more professional in appearance. Cotton is a nice option since it breathes well and won't get dirtier quickly.


Is it okay to wear these types of shirts outside of summer? Yes, you may want to for outdoor activities like hiking, camping, and even beach volleyball. These shirts are made from durable cotton material that doesn't wrinkle easily. Some are bright white, while others come in more muted shades. The white ones may be perfect for going to the beach, while the black and other darker colors may be better for more formal outdoor events.


Is it okay to wear these t-shirts to work? Many companies allow their employees to wear these kinds of shirts, provided they're within reasonable company dress code. This means that you may want to avoid darker or brighter colors, as they may negatively reflect on your appearance. The same goes for jeans and khakis. A dark-colored shirt may turn heads and be unflattering, so it's best to keep things simple.


Is it okay to wear this type of shirts as sleepwear? Yes, you can put these shirts on when you're sleeping. They're usually large enough to wrap around your entire body, but they don't stick out beyond the sleeves. If you're not planning to do any walking around, then this won't be an issue. However, if you're planning a trip to the gym or anywhere where your arms are likely to get tired, then you may want to look at some of these shirts before putting them on for the night.


Is it okay to wear these types of shirts as everyday clothing? You should always wear t-shirts that are plain and don't have slogans or images printed on them. These types of designs will simply add to the bulk and look unattractive. You should also avoid patterned t-shirts, unless they're being worn with a particular outfit.


Is it okay to wear oversized t-shirts to make a statement? Yes, you should think about how you're wearing the t-shirts and what statement you're making by wearing them. For instance, if you're heading out to a club and you see several overweight women, would you look at them and think "You look like you could use some help in that department" or "You must be having some kind of trouble keeping yourself together"? If so, then you should probably consider stopping by your local gym and asking a trainer if you can work out with them and exercise with their oversized t-shirts on.