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Is TeePublic legit?

Is TeePublic Legit?

Is TeePublic legit? That's a good question. This new website has been generating quite a bit of buzz because of the many different designs it offers its members. However, is it legit? Here's how you can tell:


The best way to tell if your member directory is legit or not is by looking at the website itself. Is the design professional? Are the patterns appealing? All of these questions should be answered before spending your hard-earned money on membership.


The site claims to have an 80% approval rating. Can we trust that claim? It's hard to tell if there are any redouble sellers on the site, and the layout of the pages doesn't really scream "secure". You will find some people swearing about the quality of their uploaded designs and teepunks while others complain about how difficult the uploading process was. For these two reasons, I wouldn't count on it to be legit.


Here's another tip: don't pay to become a member. Many websites will try to charge you for membership just so you can get paid to sell. When the process of uploading is the only thing that costs you money, the designer may not get paid much at all. So avoid these sites like the plague. They are a waste of time and often give designers with little or no commission.


You will have to purchase hosting if you want to use the TeePublic service. It isn't free like most affiliate websites, but it is inexpensive. It does have a simple payment processor so you won't have to worry about hosting fees. Also, you have unlimited access to over one thousand designs! This alone could make you quite the cash maker with teepublic.


The key to earning money with teepoll is simple--you simply have to design teepairs and upload them to their site. You will get paid a fee every time someone buys your design, whether it's a single dollar or fifty dollars. All you need to keep doing is to keep creating new designs so you keep earning money. With this easy, legit earning system, you'll be able to quit your day job in no time! Just keep reading to find out more about how to get started.


The first step to earning with teepoll is to create an account with teepublic. This will require you to answer some questions (the same ones you'd have to answer if you were applying for any other jobs) so that the designer (probably me) can keep track of your progress. From there, you choose the design you would like to print on-demand. The process is very easy and the site is secure so I guarantee you won't be hacked. You are also assigned a "taster" which is basically a designer trying out your design so you get the chance to make any changes before being placed in the buyers queue.


From there you simply pick which fabrics you would like to print on-demand against a library of thousands of different designs. Once you've picked your choice, you are set to go. I would suggest that you try a couple of different colors and textures to see which one looks best for you. TeePublic has a few different payment methods, but the best method is still paying per picture, because that allows you to get a handful of prints (for example, two free prints, then pay $5 later when you want to print five or so more) for less than you could pay for several individual pieces by paying per job.


Now for the most important question: does TeePublic deliver what they promise? The answer is a big fat yes. The demand sites that I have mentioned generate a similar level of traffic (not as much, not as fast, but close enough to make a difference) but they do not give you access to thousands of designers and printing companies. TeePublic gives you access to the highest level of quality artisans, because they have been in business for nearly four years.


So, in my opinion, is TeePublic legit? It is definitely my best option for earning an income through the internet. If you're looking for a high-paying, long-lasting passive business that produces consistently, then I highly recommend teepollute, the teepublic blog. As long as you avoid the affiliate scams, you'll be fine.


As far as earning an income through the internet from these old-school, "we are all in this together" pod sites go, I can't say I love them at all. Sure, some of the newer ones are great. Like I said before, you can find high-paying ads, and you can get people to your sites for FREE sometimes. But if you want to make any real money, there are better options.